I'm Taylor Albrecht, I grew up in Southern Utah and from the time I can remember I always wanted to be out either looking and scouting for deer & elk, or fishing the lakes and streams that run through these beautiful mountains of Southern Utah. I grew up in Glenwood, a small town just outside of Richfield, UT, and the Monroe mountains were my backyard. Within minutes I could be on the unit looking at deer and elk or fishing the nearby lakes.

When I was 15, I guided my first hunt. Although he was a friend of my dads he wasn't having much luck. I took him up on the Fishlake and we spent the next three days hunting elk. Although he didn't kill while I was there, because I had to return to school, we were still able to get him in on some bulls that just didn't present a shot. He later harvested one of those bulls and that's what got me interested in guiding. In 2005 I took my first clients on the Fishlake, and we went 3 for 3 in 9 days on 3 mature bulls.
In 2006 I started working for an outfit that needed a guide on the Fishlake and that was right up my alley. since then I have worked along side some of the best guys and outfits in the business . I have taken multiple clients every year, and so far I have had 100% success on all of my hunts. I worked with these outfitters since 2005 and now have expanded to not only work with them but to run my own outfitting business. I specialize in these units: Plateau Fishlake/Thousand lakes, Plateau/Parker mountain, Henry Mountains, Monroe Mountain, and we do offer limited hunts on the beaver.

If you would like to hunt with us on any of these units, please feel free to contact us and let us get you set up for your next hunt of a lifetime. We treat all of our clients tags as if they were our own, and we put forth 100% effort, dedication and time to see that our clients are successful with a trophy of a lifetime. If you do not see the unit you would like to hunt on this list, still feel free to contact me, we do offer hunts on other units and we do know the right people to get you taken care of on any unit in the state of Utah if we don't guide that unit. We would be more than happy to put you in contact with them.

Meet Taylor

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